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Croissant & Baguette is a boutique digital agency based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in digital transformation and innovation.

Our difference is value. We scale our operations to meet your needs and pass the savings on to you.

Front End - For your customers

We can build you a customer-facing digital footprint that delights. From custom websites, both simple or complex, to web and mobile apps, our creations are beautiful, functional, tasteful, and on-trend. We can even boost or repair your digital reputation with social proofing.

Websites & Mobile Apps

Design & development of simple or complex websites and apps.

Social Proofing

Give your digital reputation a helping hand.

Back End - For your business & team

We help you identify opportunities to build efficiencies into your business using automation, bots, software, and other technologies. We also build internal interfaces, dashboards, and apps to help your team seamlessly interact with your new or existing tech stack.


From data entry to systems integration and data scraping.

CRM & Software

CRM or software sourcing and configuration

Dashboards & UIs

Dashboards and user interfaces for your teams to interact with data & APIs.

Digital Transformation

Improve processes and CX by propelling your business into the digital age.

Boutique is small, small is agile

We’ve seen it firsthand - agencies that promise the moon and under-deliver. This frustrating scenario is precisely what inspired us to operate our own mission control.

Everything we do at C & B is premium quality and with best practices in mind. That means our apps are fast and built for scale, our coding is tidy, our designs are stellar, and we pay attention to the details. All while delivering results that are out of this world.

We’ll treat your project like it’s our own.

Custom work

Custom work

Everything we do is crafted around your specific project goals, values & targets. Even the team is built just for you.

Best practice

Best practice

Not all projects are coded equally. Our finger is always on that rapidly beating tech pulse so we can apply the latest and greatest.

Passionate people

Passionate people

We genuinely love what we do and treat every project like it's our own. We'll keep going until you have a project that truly wows.

Some recent work

Kate Nixon
Sustainable ES
Hand Distancer
Pod Trackers
C'est Louis!

The team

Technical director Alex Luttringer

Alex Luttringer

This Aussie/Frenchman is truly a digital guru with an entrepreneurial spirit and an old soul.

While most people get in their own way, Alex just makes it happen. He has a unique ability to walk the fine line between living in the details and seeing the big picture, meaning he can do just about anything.

Alex has spent 15+ years in the industry but could fool you into thinking it’s been 50. At Croissant & Baguette, he takes the lead on all things technical but still has a heavy hand in creative and strategic initiatives.

Strategic director Kayci Scaggs

Kayci Scaggs

An Aussie/American with a broad range of skills, Kayci is a true digital all-rounder.

She has a gift for writing clever copy, a keen eye for design, and an organised nature, making her the person you want spearheading your strategic and creative projects. Kayci is a stickler for details and a perfectionist to boot.

Kayci brings 12+ years of experience to the table and leads the creative and strategic initiatives for Croissant & Baguette.


Every business has unique customers and challenges. Here are some of the services we offer to help you do more efficient business.

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  • Websites & Mobile Apps

    Whether you need a simple, classic 5-page website or a complex app with databases, APIs, logins, dashboards, payments, and more, we are your people.

    Static Website

    Under 10 pages, custom design, integrated CMS to edit or add new pages, and analytics integration.

    Dynamic Web App

    Custom design, dynamic functions (e.g. eCommerce), CMS and CRM integration, automation and analytics.

    Complex Web/Mobile App

    Custom design, complex functions (e.g. customer & staff logins, integrated dashboard, databases and APIs.)

  • Automation

    Automation opportunities are nearly limitless and can be customised to the unique needs of your business.

    Task Automation

    Reduce manual labour and automate any repetitive task, regardless of its complexity.

    Systems & Data Synchronisation

    Transform and synchronise your data between multiple systems. _*Conditions apply_

    Data Scraping

    Repetitive or singular data collection across various sources for lead generation, competition monitoring and more.

    Bulk Actions & Transformation

    Bulk actions for extra large data sets (e.g. conditional edits or send communication via email, SMS or push notifications.)

  • CRM

    Your customers are the beating heart of your business. A clean, modern, and capable CRM is critical to business growth and success.

    New CRM Configuration

    Setup and configuration of a new CRM, customised to fit unique business requirements. We can also import your existing contacts and seamlessly integrate with your front end tech stack.

    Advanced Configuration

    Deep and complex integration between your new or existing systems and your CRM (e.g. setup email campaigns and create marketing automation and workflows.)

  • Dashboards & UIs

    Gather business intelligence by enabling your teams to read and interact with data through a user-friendly UI. The data can be sourced from your database or others tools like your CRM, CMS, spreadsheets, or external APIs.

    Analytical Dashboard

    Allows your team to view, measure and monitor data from any source (e.g. databases, web analytics, social media, etc.)

    User Interface

    Interfaces with granular permissions that enable non-technical stakeholders to interact with your data (e.g. manage customers and orders, manage projects, send out comms, and more.)

  • Social Proofing

    Through social hacking and the use of bots, we can fast-forward your digital brand growth, or repair a damaged reputation.

    Launch of a new product

    Generate and boost the visibility of posts on Social media (Reddit, Youtube, Medium) through views, comments, and likes.

    Repair a damaged reputation

    Remove negative reviews and generate positive sentiment to change the public perspective on your business.

Contact mission control

Contact us with the specifics of your project and one of our astronauts will get back to you.