Why we don't code on Wordpress

While WordPress has been a popular choice for website building due to its ease of use and flexibility, at C&B, we've opted for more modern and efficient web development methods. We believe in delivering high-speed, secure, and efficient websites without the need for unnecessary overheads or continuous maintenance.

Performance Limitations of Wordpress

Wordpress Performance Limitations Schema
WordPress Dynamic content generation can slow down load times, especially under heavy traffic.
WordPress requires various plugins to achieve desired functionality, further slowing down your website.
WordPress websites dynamically generate content every time a user makes a request, querying a database and rendering the page in real time. This can significantly slow down your site, especially under heavy traffic. Moreover, WordPress sites typically require various plugins to achieve desired functionality, which can further reduce speed and performance.

Why we're different?

In contrast, we use Static Site Generation (SSG) and Server Side Rendering (SSR) techniques to eliminate these performance bottlenecks. SSG allows us to pre-build website pages during a build process, resulting in static HTML files ready to be delivered as soon as they're requested.

This approach bypasses the need for real-time database queries, leading to lightning-fast load times. SSR, on the other hand, renders pages on the server, improving perceived site speed and enhancing SEO, as content is easier to crawl and index for search engine bots.

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We use SSG and SSR techniques for faster load times and better SEO.
Coding from scratch Icon
Our solutions doesn't need any plugins, we code everything from scratch.

Additional Costs and Maintenance

Wordpress Additional Costs
WordPress sites require dedicated servers and various add-ons, leading to ongoing expenses.
Regular updates and maintenance are necessary, which can be time-consuming and potentially risky.
WordPress sites typically require a dedicated server to run, along with various add-ons for different functionalities. This leads to ongoing monthly expenses that can add up quickly. Additionally, WordPress demands regular maintenance and updates, which can be time-consuming and can potentially break your site if not managed carefully. There is also the constant threat of potential security breaches if updates are not handled promptly and properly.

Why we're different?

With the modern web architectures we employ at C&B, these concerns become a thing of the past. Our websites don't need dedicated servers to run, nor do they require monthly add-ons, which results in significant cost savings.

Moreover, the sites we build demand no regular maintenance or updates from your end, reducing the risk of potential downtime or security issues.

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Our sites don’t need dedicated servers or monthly add-ons, saving you costs.
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No regular maintenance after delivery, providing you with a worry-free experience for years to come.

Security Concerns

Wordpress Performance Limitations Schema
Each added WordPress plugin increases the site's vulnerability, creating potential security risks.
Without regular updates, these vulnerabilities can be exploited, leading to security breaches.
WordPress's popularity makes it a frequent target for hackers. Each added plugin represents a potential security risk, increasing the site's vulnerability. Without regular and timely updates, these vulnerabilities can be exploited, leading to security breaches.

Why we're different?

The websites we build, in contrast, offer superior security. Since they are pre-built and don't interact with databases in real time, the surface for potential attacks is significantly reduced.

At C&B, we believe in harnessing the power of modern web technologies to deliver superior speed, security, and efficiency. Our goal is to create websites that are not only high-performing and user-friendly but also cost-effective and easy to maintain. If you're ready to step away from WordPress's limitations and embrace a more efficient and effective web presence, get in touch with us today.

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Most of our websites don't interact with databases in real time, significantly reducing potential attacks.
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Prior to delivery, we conduct comprehensive testing for any possible vulnerabilities, ensuring your website is impervious to attacks.

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