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EdTripper is the go to place to find school excursions, incursions, end of year activities. You name it, EdTripper can find it for you.


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Sveltekit, Supabase, OpenAI



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The Airbnb of School Excursions

EdTripper is packed with features. Developed with Sveltekit, EdTripper allows the user to search and book attractions and tour programs across Australia.

The app is inspired by Airbnb for the search and map function and includes user dashboards.

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Comprehensive Dashboard

Engineered to streamline communication and management for both attraction operators and educational institutions, this all-encompassing dashboard serves as a multi-functional platform.

The application facilitates a range of actions from program and booking management to real-time dialogue between teachers and attractions.

Its complex yet user-friendly signup process is designed to cross-reference existing records, allowing for automatic data pre-population and pre-approval, thus optimising the user experience from the outset.

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