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Beige Technologies provides software solutions and expertise to energy companies, helping them navigate the complex energy market and maximize their operational potential.


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The previous website of Beige was already highly efficient, boasting flawless scores and fast loading times. However, the Beige team faced significant constraints in terms of content editing and page creation capabilities. They were also dissatisfied with the existing content and the overall aesthetics of their website. To address these issues, we undertook a comprehensive redesign of their website from the ground up. We transformed static elements, such as the animals representing their Zoo solutions, by retracing them and incorporating smooth animations that are visible throughout the site.

We integrated their new website with a visual CMS, empowering them with the flexibility to edit any page and create new ones independently, without requiring our assistance.

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Beige Tech Website Elk Page Example

Animated Everything

The revamped website of Beige is enriched with a variety of animations. Some of these animations are crafted in After Effects and are displayed on the website using a Lottie player. Additionally, there are pure CSS animations that dynamically draw shapes in and out based on your scrolling position on the page.

Beige Tech Website Full Frontend

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