CMS Integration for Complete Freedom

At C&B, we're all about putting power back into your hands. We build your website and integrate it with either CloudCannon if your website is static, or Sanity if your website is dynamic, to give you ultimate control.

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Take the Driver's Seat

Gone are the days of having to rely on developers for every change. Our chosen CMS solutions allow you to change text, update layouts, or add new pages effortlessly.

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Your Website, Your Rules

Want to create new pages? With a system of pre-defined blocks, you can build from the ground up, using parts of your existing site and filling it with new content. No need to call us - you're in charge.

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User-Friendly Design

If you're coming from WordPress, you'll find our CMS options refreshingly user-friendly. They're designed with ease and simplicity in mind, so you can focus on what matters - your content.

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Stay in Control, Always

Our CMS solutions empower you to make changes whenever you need, without our help. Feel the freedom of immediate updates, knowing you have full control over your website.

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