Vitamin C Blog

A health blog making complex health information more relatable for the everyday person.

AUG 2019 - AUG 2020
Vitamin C Blog
Light, bright and minimalist

Branding design

Vitamin C’s mission is ‘informing, connecting, and empowering women in health’ so we channeled this energy into a bright colour scheme with yellows, greens, and blues - all affiliated with health and positivity.

The logo is simple but cute with a ‘C’-shaped slice of orange, incorporating the concept of vitamin c being found in the juicy fruit and the letter ‘C’.

We went with a light and airy minimalist feel for the overall brand, symbolising the simplification of complex health information that Vitamin C Blog does in their content.

Branding design
Everybody poops

Lead magnet

Producing meaningful content is fantastic but quite useless… unless you have an email list of interested people to share it with! Vitamin C Blog focuses heavily on gut health so we created a gut health diary as a free download in exchange for a visitor’s email address.

We were able to leverage this particular asset throughout various channels including a website pop-up, social media ads, and more to drive new leads.

Lead magnet Lead magnet Lead magnet
A healthy experience


The content on the Vitamin C Blog was partially managed by a marketing newbie so it was important for us to create something that would be easy to use on the back end.

We went with a dynamic and well-developed Wordpress theme, complete with excellent documentation and full-time support.

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