Publift is an ad tech company that maximises advertising revenue for digital publishers through their award-winning systems and awesome team.

SEPT 2018 - SEPT 2019
The Drum Digital Advertising Awards Winner


We spearheaded Publift’s marketing transformation from 2018 to 2019 and it was felt in every part of the business, winning them multiple prestigious awards.

While we can’t directly attribute every award directly to our marketing efforts, we can take credit for taking home the win as the Best Sell-Side Technology for Programmatic Trading in The Drum Digital Advertising Awards!

We wrote what was described as ‘an incredibly colourful, clever and inspiring’ submission on behalf of Publift.

Lifting the standard


If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Unfortunately, Publift found many of their prospective clients feeling this way about their outdated and underperforming website.

We built the new website from the ground up, complete with an easy-to-use back end built with the popular Divi theme in Wordpress. On the front end, we applied a refreshed look that incorporated a new stylish brand and more meaningful content.

Content is king

Lead magnet

Programmatic advertising is complex and digital publishers are often uneducated on the intricacies of the space. That means they’re scouring the internet for answers and opening up opportunities for businesses like Publift to help.

We found that there weren’t any comprehensive guides for publishers to reference so we created a 61-page all-inclusive starter guide.

The guide is free for download and has helped generate quality leads for the sales team. It has also been used to nurture leads in the pipeline and as a tool for retention with current clients.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside.

Lead magnet
Creating useful sales tools


Publift has an unbelievably powerful sales team but without any resources, they were left to their own devices. Any marketer knows this can be problematic for conserving brand integrity and maintaining cohesive messaging.

We created a number of flyers and guides for the sales team to leverage in getting new leads across the line.

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