Pod Trackers

Pod Trackers is a pet supplies startup in Sydney, Australia specialising in pet GPS trackers.

MID 2014 - 2016
Pod Trackers
Eat your heart out, Kim K.

Social Media Management

Pod was a humble (but promising) business with few hundred followers and a dream when we got on board. Through an aggressive social media strategy involving promoted posts and carefully curated content, we were able to achieve a business’s ultimate social media goal: multiple viral posts.

As a result, we grew Pod’s followers from 265 to 120,000 within 2 years.

Social Media Management
a minimalist's dream, optimised for conversion

The Website

As a minimalist brand, Pod needed a website that carried this feeling all the way through to checkout.

The product is quite complex and it needed simplified, easy-to-understand language that would convey the key functionalities of the Pod without overwhelming a prospective buyer.

Tasteful animations and an Apple-like feel made this simple, yet sophisticated, website a high-performing conversion machine.

The Website
Crowdfunding at its finest

Kickstarter Campaign

Complete with a Dollar-Shave-Club-inspired video, slick graphics, and a handful of nifty GIFs, this campaign called for something unique with an element of humour.

It was successful in raising over three times the goal amount.

Check it out –>

Kickstarter Campaign
Wacky & wonderful

Kickstarter promo video

The brief for this piece was for a wacky and wonderful low-budget video that people wouldn’t easily forget. It was a collaborative effort with the full Pod team and was filmed in their North Sydney office space, featuring several of their own staff.

Universal's Secret Life of Pets

Promotional Campaigns

Pod was the official pet tracker of the major motion picture The Secret Life of Pets and required a full-blown brand awareness campaign to boot.

The campaign included various ATL and BTL elements like store signage, radio, and social media contests.

Here are a few of our deliverables.

Promotional Campaigns Promotional Campaigns Promotional Campaigns
A story to be told

Public Relations

Pod’s success in the GPS tracking industry was fuelled by a team of animal lovers, but the business was inspired by one very special cat: Smokey.

Smokey was the founder’s very best friend but went missing and was sadly never found again. The story needed to be told and people needed to be made aware of the technology available to protect their pets.

Some of the media outlets the team engaged to tell Pod’s story.

A tricky task

Packaging Design

While the Pod was for pets, it was more of a technology product and this introduced a number of challenges for the packaging design.

It needed to convey what the product was, how it worked, and why it was more valuable than one year’s worth of dog food… and we had to do it with a very small amount of space.

Packaging Design
Functional & fabulous

Promotional Merchandise

We chose to go with a product that pet owners would keep with them while out and about and use as a talking point with other pet owners. It turned out to be one of the biggest lead generators for the business.

Leading the pack

Sales Tools

  • Pod experienced an almost immediate 1.3% increase in conversion rate on the online store after including a comparison chart with other leading brands. While this tactic can sometimes be controversial, it was a critical differentiator for such a technical product.

  • Pod saw a significant increase in qualified leads after implementation of the Lost Pet Poster Generator (exact figures unavailable).

  • The Product Review Aggregator allowed Pod to capitalise on having the highest genuine product rating across many channels and subsequently boosted sales by 7%.
Sales Tools Sales Tools Sales Tools